Technology Stack for Web Applications

It’s become popular to claim that you don’t need to know anything about technology to become a web developer. This is mainly because there are so many options out there, and it can be hard to choose the right one for your project. Technology Stack for web development is a blog topic covering commonly used and recommended technologies for developing websites. It covers scripts, frameworks, IDEs and various other tools used to develop web applications.

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Starting a new web application can be a daunting task. The tools available are often limited and new technologies come out at an alarming rate. The goal of this article ( ) is to help you navigate the entire process using information and resources specific to web applications. Let’s start by defining what is meant by frontend technology.A frontend is a representation of a website or computer application that can be accessed by its users. The primary technologies used to create such representations are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Other programming languages like PHP and Perl are often used for tooling purposes only.

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